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luna llena_s

The bungalows at Hotel Luna Llena in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Dedicated readers will remember the SNAFU with a real estate agent in Puerto Vallarta that left us without a place to live for the first two months of this year. We adjusted, but were left holding two plane tickets, which Alaska Airlines graciously agreed to let us use in any way we liked—as long as we flew Alaska.

route map

We sat on our balcony one night and examined the Alaska Air route map that appears above. There were plenty of options, but we were planning to travel in wintertime and we wanted sunshine. And maybe a bit of sand. And water. Lots of water. Saltwater, ideally. Warm saltwater.

That led us to the two tiny dots farthest south on the map, both in Costa Rica. One was close to the water, in a city named Liberia. We reserved two tickets, departing Portland January 6, 2016…

…which is just over a week from today.


The Tamarindo beach

Liberia is close to the water, not on the water, so we looked around and chose a waterside town named Tamarindo, on the Pacific. We’ll stay in a bungalow at Hotel Luna Llena (pictured at the top of this post), and will remain there for most of the month, arriving back home January 27th. Twenty days of sunshine and sand in the dead of winter! As I write this, snow is falling outside our windows in Portland and there hasn’t been a dry day here for a month—a record.

Thus, another adventure. More to follow.