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The Expat Almanac is now available as a book, in either paperback or Kindle e-book editions, just click here. The link takes you to, where over 500 copies have been sold or downloaded since the book was introduced in May, 2014. (No, it’s not as thick as the illustration—107 pages, actually. Like most legends, we exaggerate.)

The book follows our folly from inception to conclusion, and everything in between:

  • Why choose travel over retirement in Florida
  • What to keep; what to sell
  • How to clear everything out of a home without fuss
  • What to pack for travel without end
  • How to find a temporary home overseas
  • Daily life in Spain, Greece, Italy, and Mexico
  • Surviving a medical crisis in a foreign land, and
  • What brought the adventure to an end

And please: once you’ve read the book, post a review on the Amazon site!

3 thoughts on “Book”

  1. Meryl French said:

    Hi, Louise! This is Meryl French (mother of artist Ethan, wife of carpenter Jack, friend of Jan Anderson)! Just finished your and Tom’s book, and loved it. Jack and I have done three months of traveling since I retired from GA in 2015, but nothing as ambitious as your adventures. Most entertaining and educational and…inspiring. Bravo for you and and do hope you are both healthy and well.
    Best from us where we make our home in West Dover, Vermont.
    Now to Amazon!


  2. Hello Tom and Louise, Just finished “The Expat Almanac”. Very enjoyable. I sometimes watch “House Hunters International” and always enjoyed Anthony Bourdain’s world travels. Looking forward to reading about your future adventures. Take care, Jeanne in southern CA.


  3. Thanks for your comment, Jeanne. We still travel now and then, although we have settled in to a more stationary lifestyle. When that happens, time begins to be consumed with new jobs (we both have them now) and family (growing all the time). No matter what, our life on the road will always be cherished. And who knows? What’s to keep us from doing it again someday?


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