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If you could see me now, you’d know that I’m staring at my feet as they draw bashful circles in the dust, basking in the flattery that is The Versatile Blogger Award. We were nominated for it yesterday by those maharishis of travel blogging (36 years!), James and Terri Vance of gallivance.net (who have also received the award). Thank you James and Terri!

One of the requirements of the award is to reveal seven unbeknownst things about ourselves. Okay. Here goes:

  1. Although we’re in our sixties, we met just five years ago, online, via eHarmony. We ate prime rib and drank two bottles of champagne on our first date. Our date was at six. Six hours later the restaurant management, wanting to close at midnight, graciously asked us to leave. We coulda stayed all night.
  2. photo of champagne cork collection

    Our cork collection. Click to enlarge.

    That first date revealed a common love of champagne. We began a champagne cork collection with corks from those first two bottles. It has grown somewhat since (see photo).

  3. I proposed on the deck of a cruise ship off the coast of Mexico, in a tuxedo, on my knee. Taken aback, Louise didn’t reply for three days.
  4. We live (until March 30) in an urban environment and use Kalkhoff electric bicycles as our primary means of transportation. Want to feel the vigor of a twelve-year-old? Ride an electric bike. The wind is always at your back.
  5. photo of tom with sir wooliam

    Sir Wooliam and me outside of the Pendleton (Oregon) Woolen Mills, where he had lived since lambhood. Click to enlarge.

    We travel too much to have pets, so we compensate with large stuffed animals. I once met Louise at the Portland airport carrying a life-size stuffed sheep (“Sir Wooliam” – all of our stuffed animals are named). While waiting for Louise’s plane to arrive, I visited an airport pub, sat Sir Wooliam on a barstool, ordered a beer, “…and water for the sheep: he’s driving.” I’m not making this up.

  6. In real life, we publish an online advice column named “Ask Glammy.” Glammy’s first book will be published March 1, 2013.
  7. We still throw dinner parties. Remember dinner parties?

As noted, we’re quite flattered to be nominated for this award. We’ll do our best to live up to the honor.