Wait’ll you hear this one. You know that Tom and I have been lucky in our nomading about. We do a lot of advanced planning, true, but people who travel are always subject to surprises. Some of us love that! Saner people understand that it’s a wacky way to live and prefer to stay home.

Part I: We had a plan. Indeed, we have purchased the airline tickets to spend two months back in our beloved Los Tules by the Pacific in Puerto Vallarta. Our rental agent has done miracles before: turning a one-bedroom condo into a three-bedroom surprise for an unbeatable rate. Last winter we gave her two months’ rent in advance for a return visit in January and February 2015.

Alas, our agent has just written to say that she is dead broke, all bets are off, she’s out of business, there is no condo and there is no money.

Before you get all heated up on our behalf, no, there is no paperwork and no real legal recourse. Oh, and thank you for getting all heated up on our behalf. You may now silently call us idiots, or more kindly, naive. We can take it.

Part II: We have sublet our wonderful apartment here in Portland for January and February — the period we expected to be in Mexico. We refuse to cancel on our renter just because somebody canceled us, so we are looking for places to camp for those two months. Our vacation rental money was lost in Mexico, but we have enough airline miles to go somewhere.

We rejected the idea of couch surfing serially on our relatives, hoping to maintain good relations. Housesitting is a real option: we’ve got a lead in France that involves tending a garden and milking goats. Meantime we don’t look at this crisis as no place to go; it’s more like we have everyplace to go.

So we turn to you, dear readers. Ideas?