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lillies of the valley

This is our last Sunday in Paris, and it is magnificent. It happens to be May 1st, when people are buying and exchanging little bouquets of muguets des bois (Lilies of the Valley, pictured above), a lovely old tradition. It is also Labor Day here, a celebration of workers with a bit of a socialist tinge, so more people than usual have the day off. On top of all that, it has been sunny all day and the temperature is well into the 60s.

So while Sunday is always a very popular day for adventure, hiking, hanging out, seeing the fam, and learning to brunch (new in Paris); on this particular day Parisians of all stripes are out walking, running, scootering, skateboarding, motorcycling, biking, and in our case, limping. We covered a lot of territory, breathing in scents and sounds and sights of great beauty.

We began on the Rue Mouffetard, Hemingway’s favorite market street, which is abuzz on Sundays.

The Jardin des Plantes is a magnificent arboretum, garden, and zoo.

Then back across the Seine to the Place des Vosges, with picnickers, guitarists, readers, and lovers in the grass.


Sunday afternoon in the Marais always produces street musicians, too.

geezer band

We are enjoying every day of our month in Paris, but I often wish it were a month of Sundays.