Louise’s phone photo of Venus de Milo statuettes at the Louvre gift shop

We have been blogging since 2011—five years. During that time I have purchased four cameras for use during our travels, and sold three of them. I may be about the sell the other.

Every picture you see on this Paris episode of the blog has been (or will be) taken with a phone camera—either Louise’s Nexus 6P or my Nexus 6. We decided to forgo “real” cameras because a) They’re (relatively) bulky and heavy, and b) They’re a pain to interconnect with computers.


Our bags

Not to get all holier-than-thou on you, but Louise and I now travel with one bag each. Small bags. A little bigger than the pillow on your bed. They’re bigger than carry-on, but only slightly so. We’ve carried enough bags up subway stairs (and over Venice bridges) to have learned the value of the words small and light. You have to give that to phones: as cameras go, they’re small and light.

And really: they’re pretty good cameras.

(Click on any image for a better view)

Then there’s this: They upload anything new into the cloud whenever they’re in WiFi range, which means new pictures appear on my computer the moment I walk through the door, all organized—automatically—by subject and date. No searching. No tagging. No wires. No swapping memory cards.

So, welcome to another experiment in the adventure of almanacking. If we keep this up, we’ll be able to carry everything we need for travel in our hip pockets. 

Our cameras are already there.