onion domes

Fuel in the tank: check.

Battery charged: check.

Tire pressure: check.

Oil in the crankcase: check.

These are the things one must do before taking a cherished car out of retirement after months of inactivity, and these are the things, figuratively speaking, we’re doing here at the Almanac.

Like a car coming out of storage, you never really know if you’re ready to travel again until you return to the road. We’ll find out tomorrow, as we depart for… Russia.

Yup: Russia.

Unlike our French experience last winter, this adventure will be luxurious. Unlike our year-long adventure in 2013, this one will be predictable. Unlike any traveling we’ve ever done, this is a river cruise, from Moscow to St. Petersburg, via Viking River Cruises. Our papers are in order (no small feat), everything is now paid (a year-long financial sacrifice), and our health is good (ain’t it grand!).

We depart at 4:00 AM. We hope you’ll join us here at the Almanac.


Top image courtesy Viking River Cruises.