We are sooo ready for Mexico! But not for the reasons you may think.

Well, yes: we’re ready for sandy beaches, margaritas, Mexican food, and our villa. But what we really yearn for is stability. Six months of stability.

In effect, we’ve been living out of suitcases ever since we left Spain. Greece was three weeks; Italy was three weeks; Portland was two. As we’ve discovered, even three weeks isn’t enough to feel as if we’re home. Visitors, maybe. Not home.

Take the kitchen, for example. Few kitchens offer the equipment I like. I’m a coffee snob (Louise is happy with Folgers instant — can you imagine?). I prefer drip. A #2 funnel and a box of filters costs about five dollars, and with that five dollars I’m well on my way toward making a kitchen my own. Louise can’t wait to unpack her beads, I’m eager to empty my duffel. We both look forward to stocking the fridge with margarita fixin’s.

The point is, we’re eager to hang our hats. This we are about to do. Starting Saturday, we will become Mexican residents for six months. We’re leaving San Francisco today, we’ll visit Bro Dick in Los Angeles for a couple of days, then Saturday morning we’ll board a jet plane and arrive in Puerto Vallarta in time for lunch and (definitely) a margarita.

I can’t wait to buy those #2 coffee filters.

(Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)