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Before we leave the US for Mexico, I am eagerly visiting my perfect handsome brilliant sons. I had not bothered them in a long time; motherly visits were overdue.

First it was off to Seattle to visit Alec and his bride Hadar, who live in hip n’ happenin’ Fremont. Because Alec is always wanting me to move wherever he is, he always puts on a Best-of-Seattle show for marketing purposes.

This time it was a humdinger. We began with brunch in a gentrifying neighborhood called South Lake Union, centered by an Amazon campus still under construction. (Here, if you absolutely cannot wait for your package to arrive, you may collect it yourself out of a bright yellow locker.) After a superb set of Eggs Benedict with pink sauce at the White Horse Tavern, we wandered down to the new Museum of History and Industry to take a look at the Seattle Wooden Boat Center. Here are displayed antique vessels of great character, afloat in Lake Union, some of which can be taken out for a spin.


Fremont Bridge Troll

From here, one can take the new and unfortunately-acronymed South Lake Union Trolley (which has inspired some fun teeshirts) all the way downtown to Nordstrom’s Rack. But we did not, choosing to return to Fremont for a walk by the famous under-bridge Troll statue. And then the piece de resistance, a visit to the Google office where Alec works every Friday.  (The rest of the time he works at the Google office in Kirkland.)

After flashing his Noogler (new Googler) badge at an entrance machine of some sort, he registered his guests via another robotic device that printed out name tags, and at its urging, made us swear not to reveal a thing that we might see.

I’m assuming I may reveal the swift design of the giant Googleteria where all the food is free, though this being Saturday, it was closed. Upstairs where the work happens, there is a snack bar within 200 feet of each and every Googler, packed with free Boy Food. Bulk containers of M & M’s, mixed nuts, salty snacks, jelly beans. Bags of Fritos and Cheetos and chips. Protein bars, yogurt, fruit, fancy juices, exotic waters, coffee and tea. Alec warned us not to stuff our pockets: it’s bad Google form. We behaved.

We read the rules for Dooglers (dogs who come to the office): they need badges too. Cats are not allowed. On the way out, I heard about Grayglers,  who are employees over the age of forty. (Puh-leeze!) Apparently there are about two of them.

I would like to tell you more, but I ‘d have to kill you. Suffice it to say that the weekend ended in a Tesla showroom where we designed a fantasy $125,000 car, followed by my return to the King Street train station, which had finally finished its remodel and is now entirely glossy white and stunning inside.

Move to Seattle? Who knows? What really counts is that Alec and Hadar are happy in life and happy together. And that my boy is getting plenty to eat. Next son: San Francisco.