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cloudsEgads! It’s Thursday. Today is our last day in Bellagio — in Europe, even. We just found the best pizza in town and we still haven’t found the fabled two-dollar beer. We can’t leave yet!

It’s too late now. I fly to Portland tomorrow morning, and Louise flies to Virginia.  She has a wedding to attend; I have doctors to see. We will reunite in Portland September 8. Friends of a friend in Portland are honeymoon-bound. They require house-sitters while they’re away; we require a house – a happy coincidence. We will stay in their house until September 18.

After that, we take the Amtrak Coast Starlight to San Francisco. (The only thing I like better than riding on a train is sleeping on a train.) By the 28th of September we’ll be in Puerto Vallarta and settled into our apartment there, where we will stay until April.

April, as in 2014. It hurts my head to think that far out. But it hurts my soul to think about leaving Bellagio. Arrivederci, you charming little town; arrivederci, lovely garden apartment; arrivederci, Italia. Dio la benedica.