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Photo of our apartment building

We have returned from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was hot and muggy, but the alternative was rain in Portland. In Portland when it rains, there’s no escaping the wet. In Puerto Vallarta when it gets hot, there’s always the Pacific. And the margaritas…

Photo of the bedroom with its soaking tub.

The soaking tub in the upstairs bedroom. The Pacific is just outside the sliding doors. Click to enlarge.

In spite of an army of timeshare salesmen who tried to convince us otherwise, we fell in love with PV. We love the people. We love the weather. We love the ocean. We love the place so much that we booked an apartment for six months in a neighborhood called Los Tules, starting October 1, 2013. That’s a picture of the building (the yellow one) at the top of this post.

Inside, a spiral staircase leads to a soaking tub in the upstairs bedroom. Outside, a wide beach leads to the Pacific. There are two air conditioning units, two baths, two swimming pools, and three beds. It’s Paradise.

Just like Puerto Vallarta itself.

If you’d like to see more – of Puerto Vallarta and of the apartment – there’s a four-minute video below.