Where do aspiring expats turn for authoritative advice on the expat lifestyle? Wall Street, of course! Could there possibly be a group of people more likely to embrace the allure of the open road than sub-par mortgage specialists and hedge-fund managers?

excerptThus, it should come as no surprise to discover that we follow Wall Street religiously for sage expat counsel. But it did come as a surprise when we found ourselves listed in The Wall Street Journal’s “Guide to Essential Books on the Expat Life” in their May 21st Expat blog (link here).

We’re flattered. We’re humbled. One of us is blushing. Thank you, WSJ, for the inclusion. As for those who have yet to include a book from the WSJ’s prestigious “Guide to Essential Books on the Expat Life” in your library, it’s as easy as One Click. Go ahead. Buy two. Your hedge-fund manager could use a copy too.