Remember those “Can You Spot the Difference” features in the back of comic books? There would be two pictures, with eight or ten tiny differences (really: a horse with three legs?) and you were challenged to find the differences. The answer was invariably printed upside-down at the bottom. Remember those?

Well, the pictures below are all different but, like the comic-book features, confoundedly similar. Every one is a different staircase in Bellagio. The town of Bellagio is built on a hill. There’s an elegant neighborhood down on the waterfront with hotels and (expensive) gift shops; and up on the hill where we live, another neighborhood filled with apartments, bars, and (expensive) gift shops. Between the waterfront and our “uptown” neighborhood, stairs. Lots of stairs. I photographed thirteen stairways this morning; there are no doubt more. Every one – every one – is paved with river rocks. Not cobblestones: rocks. There must be an ordinance. No concrete; gotta use rocks. No one walks in their bare feet in Bellagio.

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