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Two overnight ferries, three trains, a bus, and a boat – do you think we shudda booked a plane instead?

I’m not fond of air travel. I think of the term “air travel,” as an oxymoron. “Travel,” in my mind, involves discovery, unpredictability, enterprise, and above all: adventure. I wouldn’t use those terms to describe air travel.

Oh dear: do I sound like a snob?

I’m the one who drafts up our calendar, and I’ve left a week between Greece and Italy. Instead of a two-hour flight, we plan to travel via two overnight ferries, three trains, a bus, and a boat. That, I figure, will be an adventure.

hybrid01We leave Chania tomorrow (Saturday, August 3rd), on a bus destined for Heraklion, a two-hour ride (red line above). We board a ferry at Heraklion, bound for Piraeus (Athens), on the mainland. (Green line above.) It’s an interesting ferry as it departs at nine Saturday night and arrives at six Sunday morning. We have a stateroom. On a ferry! (Perhaps it’s a party boat. Not everyone will have a stateroom. What will those without staterooms do all night? Will there be raki?)

We arrive in Piraeus Sunday morning and have eighteen hours to cross the Grecian peninsula to Patras (blue line above). We assume there will be a train. Or a bus. Mule, maybe? In eighteen hours, we could almost walk

hybrid02In Patras Sunday night we board another overnight ferry, headed for Venice (red line above). This leg requires two nights, and just look at the ferry:

It’s essentially a cruise ship. There is a cruise ship on this route, but it’s five times the price. From the looks of the pictures above, we won’t be sacrificing much.

Starting Tuesday: four days in Venice. I’ve never been there. We have a modest apartment reserved:

hybrid03On Saturday morning August 10th, we’ll board a train to Milan (red line above), then another train to Como (green line). Together with the Piraeus-Patras leg, that’s three trains. I love trains.

hybrid04Saturday afternoon a boat will take us from Como to Bellagio, where we’ll stay until the end of August (red line above). I love boats too.

Now I ask you: isn’t that more adventurous than a two-hour flight?

It’s also unlikely we’ll have much access to Wi-Fi, so you may not hear from us for a while. Don’t worry about us; we’ll just be … traveling.

Photo credits: Google Maps, Anek Lines (web.anek.gr), http://www.homeaway.com,