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Right near our street, outside the medieval wall, there is an agricultural fair (photo above) smack in the middle of the dried-up ancient castle moat. I strolled around the other night to take pictures of souvlaki, linens, handicrafts, shoes, honey, raki, and spinach pies.

DSCN0224Fabulous Greek pastry: it’s everywhere!
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DSCN0215Not just another painted rock…

DSCN0219Cretans make wonderful silk products. And they turn the cocoons into jewelry, too.

DSCN0208Corn was served: boiled, roasted, and even popped.

DSCN0213For sale: One woman’s passion. Dressing dolls in the native costumes of different Grecian towns. Note mustaches on the boys in back!

DSCN0206One tented area was all souvlaki, all the time.

DSCN0204These are loukoumades, like doughnut holes but soaked in honey and topped with sesame seeds. And if you like, chocolate sauce.

DSCN0238This is how you make loukoumades, with grandsons ready to eat up the profits.

DSCN0218Greece is where God invented sandals. And they are amazing.

DSCN0234At the end of the shopping tour, I found Tom among the locals with one more souvlaki and of course, a draft.