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photo of our apartment's exteriorWe have just arrived at our apartment in Girona. We committed to this place for three months, sight unseen. It cudda been Hell, but instead it’s Heaven (especially at this height).

Photo of Jeanette, Vincens, and me.

Jeanette (at left), Vincens, and me.

The weather here is rainy and windy, and up on the penthouse level it just hoots around, which is way cool. Our hosts, who met us at the amazing new Girona train station (still smelling of fresh concrete), are Vicens and Jeannette (see photo). They drove us over here and gave us an introductory tour of both the apartment and Girona itself.

Today is a holiday in Spain – Easter Monday – so the grocery stores are all closed (just as well: I’d rather ease into domesticity), but Vincens and Jeanette left us flowers, champagne, cookies, nuts, chips, coffee, tea, and… a chocolate bunny for Easter. Vicens had fun showing Tom all the modern electronic toys including three remotes and a shower with a built-in radio for singing along…as does the hot tub, for that matter. Vicens does not speak English and Tom speaks only a little Spanish, but the International Language of Gadgets bonded them.

The blustering rain suits us just fine. We feel no guilt as we slip under the covers for our afternoon siesta. Hola from Spain!

The video is below.