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With a sigh of relief, everything destined for our storage unit is now there – and there’s room left over. It’s kismet. However, two disparate storage strategies have emerged, vindicating the Venus-and-Mars interpretation of the gender binary.

labeled packing boxesLook carefully at the picture. Boxes on shelves. Every box has a label. Some are numeric; some are text. My brilliant plan was to label my boxes with numbers and refer to an Evernote list to determine what’s where. (Evernote is a list-making app that runs on computers, phones, and tablets, synchronizing them all automatically. It’s good stuff.) My method is gratifyingly tech and seductively obscure.

Louise, on the other hand, has labeled her boxes with text. I see one that says “champagne glasses.” Another says “tapes & recorder.”

What fun is that? Her method doesn’t even require a wi-fi connection. Any dummy could use it. It’s lo-tech and so Venus. If she wants to locate something, she just reads labels.

I, on the other hand, get to haul out my phone, call up the Evernote app, load the file, sort it by content, find the corresponding number, then look for the box. It’s entertaining. It’s challenging. It requires an inquisitive intellect. Anyone with a curious mind can see that it’s the superior method.

I’ll never understand women.