phot of louise's piggy bank

Every evening Louise puts her loose change in the bank pictured above, a gift from her son Ted when they were going through a “Pinky and the Brainphase in 1993. Along with my loose change (I use a classy a wicker basket), we had amassed what we called the “Round the World Fund.” Today, 36 days from departure and after a combined ten years of collecting pocket change, it was time to cash in. We anticipated thousands. What a great way to hit the road!

At the bank, the change-counting machine sounded like rocks in a blender – music to our ears. Alas, the final combined take was $201.16. Buzzkill!

Still, two hundred dollars will get us three nice restaurant dinners, or twenty bottles of cava, or a night in a good hotel somewhere. Maybe train fare to Paris!

So, no, it’s not taking us around the world. Not this time. Now Louise has started filling her globe again…this time with Euros.