Ask Glammy book cover

Louise and I do have day jobs. She’s a writer and I’m a publisher, and today — as if we have nothing else to do a month before we depart — we published our first collaborative book.

The book is called Ask Glammy, a compilation of topics from Louise’s viral online advice column. Glammy is a wag of a certain age, eager to give back by telling everyone what to do once and for all. About the book, one reviewer said, “[Glammy] proves that no matter how old we get, well, we just keep getting older. And no matter how wise we might think we are, well, we really aren’t.”

Amen to that.

Ask Glammy is available for the Amazon Kindle here. If you’re interested, there’s a “Look Inside” feature that offers a preview of the book. Best of all, it’s priced at only $3.99. Buy yours today!