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drawing of a burning bridge

We gave notice to our apartment manager today, burning our first bridge behind us.

There will be more bridges to burn – many more – and they’ll come fairly quickly now, I suppose. We must sell our car. We must rent a storage unit. We must organize a tag sale. We must purchase airline tickets. There is a long list of “musts,” but for now, we can cross one off.

We sat on our balcony last night, huddled against the Northwest winter on New Year’s Eve, discussing the myriad things that we’ll miss. Family, of course, and friends; but never has an apartment and its residents been better suited. Giving notice here is as painful as breaking up with an old beau – but like a breakup, it’s given with the anticipation of new opportunities, and with a healthy awareness that it may lead to regret.

Comfort and convenience, predictability and amenity: for us, at this moment in life, they’re all trumped by opportunity and adventure. The time will come when we elect to put our feet up and bask in our memories, but that time isn’t now. Now, providence beckons.

Does anyone want to buy a used car?