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Frame from Heinz ketchup commercial

Remember that Carly Simon song, “Anticipation”? It was cleverly used in a Heinz ketchup commercial in the late 1970s. It has been running through my head lately.

Can never know about the days to come,
We think about them anyway.

We’ve all been reminded that tomorrow may never come, to live in the moment. Louise and I try to do that. We really do. But our lives are hurtling toward a tectonic shift. In six months we will have no home, few belongings, and only fading memories of stability, predictability, and grace.

Commensurately, we refine our lists, investigate places to live after Girona, and correspond with ex-pats around the world. To a degree, these activities – dreams and illusions, perhaps – are our moment. Our respiration. Our vivendi causa.

We went to a movie last night. We spent a couple of days at the coast last week. We went out for breakfast Sunday morning. These are all living in the moment; but in the evening, when we pour a drink and sit on the balcony, we talk about – not the moment, but the morrow. If it’s not the moment, at least it’s our moment.

We may never know about the days to come. But we think about them anyway.