Found: A Place to Glamp!

Which is, of course, glamorous camping, and a bit of a joke in this case. Today, if our nerve stays with us, we will send the deposit on our chosen rental in downtown Girona, Spain.

As a lover of old towns everywhere, I had in mind an ancient building with exposed brick walls, low beamed ceilings, perhaps a turret with a ghost.

Charm is great, but we have learned that apartments built before plumbing and electricity are not likely to have those twin necessities: Wifi and a dishwasher. They often have a paucity of electrical outlets. (Blogging from a Starbucks in Barcelona, I noted not a single outlet in the wall. Why? The ceiling, an elaborate ancient waffle and bas-relief gilded event, could not be disturbed for the wires. I quite agree, but my battery was on strike.)

So when I came across this modern penthouse apartment online, I balked at the spiraly rug thing, but knew that probably it would all work. There is wifi, there is air-conditioning, there is a dishwasher and a clothes washer. And an elevator. (YES!!!!!) Best of all, there are windows on three sides. Tom will do his online work at a desk in a little glass box that juts onto the deck. I will cook paella in a real kitchen with a wall-size view of the cathedral atop the Old Town. We will soak in our hot tub on the deck and entertain at the outdoor table for four. We will lift glasses of cava and toast all our friends new and old, and we will retire into bed in a cozy nook.

And just outside that nook, there are two sleeper sofas for the parade of family and friends whom we imagine trooping through. And if you’re past that, there is a hotel next door.

Writing this reminded me that all real estate is emotional. One doesn’t choose a home using just a checklist. We all see ourselves using that potential space to create a life we want. Will it happen just like that? Maybe, maybe not. We’re taking a chance on it. When we adventure, we must be ready for all sorts of surprises. If we weren’t, we’d just stay home.

(Pictures of the apartment below. Click on any picture to enlarge.)