sell it allWell into their second fifty years, Louise Lague and Tom Lichty hit the road in April, 2013, without an end in sight. During the twelve months that followed, they lived in four countries, experienced two life-threatening health events, and traveled by bus, train, boat, airplane, and an occasional ATV. Where did they live? What did it cost? How did they pack? The Expat Almanac is their award-winning blog, with hundreds of posts describing the adventure from the day they committed to do it until the day they returned to Portland. Over 600 people subscribe. The blog is online here.

The Expat Almanac is now available as a book, in either paperback or Kindle e-book editions, available by clicking here. The link takes you to amazon.com, where over 500 copies have been sold or downloaded since the book was introduced in May, 2014. Shameless book promotion here.

The presentation is a multimedia affair with almost thirty videos, audio, and—of course—Louise and Tom themselves (bios here). It typically lasts about 45 minutes before the question-and-answer period. The cost is dirt cheap. Book the presentation by emailing Louise and Tom using this link.


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